Fallout 4 Horizon offers the free next-gen overhaul fans have long awaited

Fallout features familiar faces like Walton Goggins, Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Kyle MacLachlan, and Matt Berry.

Who leads the Fallout show's production team?

Fallout is also backed by top talent behind the scenes, including "Westworld" creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan as showrunners, and Bethesda's Todd Howard as an executive producer.

Amazon’s Fallout TV series may reignite interest in the Fallout 4 game, offering fans a way to immerse themselves in the Fallout universe while waiting for the next installment.

No new Fallout game, but Fallout 76 gets updates. A box set of old games is coming, and Amazon's show starts in April.

Fallout 4 free new-gen update confounds fan

Amidst the anticipation for new Fallout content, it's easy to overlook another promise made last year.

The update got delayed due to Starfield, but fans hope it'll surprise release around Amazon's Fallout show launch.

Will the update release during Amazon's Fallout show?

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