Exploring Balatro's hype : The Game-Changer in Poker's World!

What is Balatro  all about?

This new console and PC game is a remix of poker, offering a subtly engrossing experience that falls between solitaire and Slay the Spire.

Its creator, known only as LocalThunk, has gone to great lengths to hide their identity, not even crediting themselves in the game.

"I don't need to show other people that I love making games," LocalThunk says. 

Balatro was never meant to be mysterious They're not guarding their identity like Fort Knox; the game started with an intent to blend in seamlessly.

Furthermore, Balatro isn't their first completed video game. LocalThunk claims to have finished multiple "games and little sim things".

LocalThunk's completed games might never be seen beyond their "three or four" friends, who are the sole owners and downloaders of their work.

Why put in so much effort for such a limited audience?

"I enjoy coding and game development," LocalThunk states. "Making games for my friends is my goal."

Balatro began as a side project inspired by the Cantonese card game Big Two, satisfying an itch LocalThunk had for years.

Around this time, LocalThunk became obsessed with the roguelike slot machine "rent simulator" Luck Be a Landlord on Steam, only through watching videos.