Elite League Dota 2 Everything you need to know

The Elite League, a new tier 1 online tournament, boasts a million-dollar prize pool. Organized by FISSURE and ESB, it adds another premium competition to the esports scene.

Elite league dota 2

In the Elite League tournament, 24 teams will compete. Eight receive direct invitations to Group Stage 2, while the remaining sixteen are seeded into Group Stage 1.

Total participants

The Elite League's dates and schedule 

This tournament will take place starting March 31 until April 15, 2024. The first Group Stage runs from March 31 to April 4, then the second Group Stage continues from April 5 to 11. The Playoffs will conclude the tournament from April 13 to 15.

The Elite League consists of three segments: the Swiss Stage (Group Stage 1), Round-Robin Group Stage (Group Stage 2), and the Playoffs.

Elite League Dota 2 Tournament format

Next up is the Round-Robin Stage, where two groups compete in a BO2 round-robin format.

In the Swiss Stage, sixteen teams will compete in a BO3 format, with only the top eight advancing to the next round.

The top two teams with the highest points in each group advance to the upper bracket, while the 3rd-4th teams drop to the lower bracket of the Playoffs.


FISSURE, an Eastern European tournament organizer, gained prominence in 2022 by rapidly hosting tournaments. FISSURE teams up with ESB, known for managing South American Dota 2 pro events, for their upcoming collaboration.