Early Access Launch of Deep Rock Galactic's New Spin-Off

Playing a preview of the game's full Early Access build this week has been like  finding a whole glittering cavern of riches.

About Deep Rock Galactic

Spinning off from ever popular co-op FPS Deep Rock Galactic (rock and stone!), Survivor uses elements of that game to add texture and depth to a very different genre.

You're not just trying to survive and level up your auto-firing weapons, you're digging through destructible environments for resources.

How many classes of dwarf are there?

There are four different classes of dwarf—I had a blast with the nimble all-rounder Scout in the demo

The Digger loves to be churning through stone while their guns fire back out the tunnel behind them to keep the bugs at bay

About gunner

The Gunner needs to create bottlenecks that allow them to face their foes head-on with a storm of bullets.