Dungeons 4 Lands on Game Pass, Merging Warcraft and Dungeon Keeper Vibes

What is Dungeons 4 all about?

The Dungeon Keeper franchise can feel like a antique from a bygone era.

Dungeons 4 follows a campaign composed of 20 missions that typically begin in your underground lair .

The gameplay in Dungeons 4 can feel similar to Dungeon Keeper while you wait for enemies to shuffle to your doorstep and fall into your clever maw of traps.

This encourages you to adopt a more aggressive play style by locking away key resources on your enemies’ turf .

Despite my nostalgia for the classic Dungeon Keeper minions, like the bile demon and hellhound, many game’s monsters could suffer from feeling a bit too similar.

While the cast of Dungeons 4 is a bit smaller than its inspiration, each minion feels visually clear cut and plays an important role in how your dungeon operates .

Your minions are divided into separate trees that you spec into using evilness, a resource granted to you by killing good guys and defiling the overworld.

Each branch relies on specific resources and rooms you’ll need to supply in order to take full advantage of their abilities.