Dungeon Drafters Console Release Date confirmed. Check everything you need to know.

"Dungeon Drafters": Mystery dungeon adventure by Manalith Studios, featuring roguelite aspects.

Players will tap into the mystical potency of cards to unleash powerful spells and craft devastating combos in dynamic grid-based combat.

How do players wield card magic for devastating combos in grid-based combat?

How to gear up after choosing, collecting?

Choose from six characters, collect rare cards, loot treasure, and rescue adventurers to gear up for the next run.

Where will Dungeon Drafters be available?

Exciting news! Dungeon Drafters launches March 14th, available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

As players explore dungeons, do they delve deeper or return to town?

As players explore dungeons, they must choose: delve deeper or return to town to safeguard their spoils.

Immerse yourself in the Adventurers' Town, preparing for your next adventure.