Dragon’s Dogma 2: What is The Unmoored World? Find Out

Discover hidden locales in Dragon's Dogma 2 through exploration, some accessible only via specific narrative choices, enriching the open-world experience.

How to Unlock the Unmoored World 

Unlock the Unmoored World, a unique region in Dragon's Dogma 2, by achieving the true ending, offering a distinctive gameplay experience.

The Unmoored World in Dragon's Dogma 2 serves as the endgame zone, mirroring the original map but with increased difficulty. Completing side quests enriches the rewarding final experience.

To access Dragon's Dogma 2's Unmoored World, pursue the good ending by challenging the Dragon. During the flight, descend to its heart and use the Empowered Godsbane Blade, triggering the true ending and arrival in the Unmoored World.

How to Reach the Unmoored World?

What the Unmoored World Truly is?

The Unmoored World in Dragon's Dogma 2 signifies the cycle's end, detached from the norm. Its map mirrors pre-point-of-no-return areas, now desolate due to the player's choice.

The Unmoored World's Gameplay Loop

In the Unmoored World, endgame tasks include completing evacuation quests, persuading leaders to flee, amid diverse activities and new challenges.

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