Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero Release Date Teased? Rumors and Predictions

Bandai Namco recently hinted at a potential release date announcement soon for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero.

What's the latest on Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero?

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero was announced at The Game Awards 2023. Bandai Namco has been sharing updates about it throughout 2024.

Details teased for Sparking Zero: character roster, gameplay mechanics, Goku and Vegeta transformations.

ESRB ratings indicate game development status: typically submitted when content is complete.

What does an ESRB rating indicate for games?

Rumors suggest Sparking Zero may release in early 2024. Confirmation expected in the next trailer.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's Rumored Release Window

Fans are excited after the latest Sparking Zero gameplay reveal, showcasing moves and characters like Nappa, Super Trunks, and Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z.

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