Destiny 3: Insider Teases Exciting New Developments

Destiny 3 is on the horizon and may follow the upcoming expansion, The Final Shape

An insider hinted at future Destiny 2 developments, later confirmed by Bungie, validating the insider's credibility.

A month-old Destiny subreddit comment leaked Destiny 2's upcoming feature: multiclass Guardians, wielding abilities from all classes.

In the same post, the insider revealed that Bungie is developing Destiny 3 under the codename "Payback."

With the insider's accurate prediction and Luke Smith's discussion, Redditors are convinced of Destiny 3's potential, affirming the insider's credibility.

Luke Smith's statement implies Destiny 2's ongoing journey and hints at future developments, reassuring players about the franchise's continuity.

"It’s definitely not the end of Destiny. After you face the witness, we’re gonna tell you what’s coming next to Destiny 2 and beyond…we’ll see you soon.”

Previously, Bungie explored transitioning from seasonal updates to longer-lasting chapters. However, there's been silence regarding Destiny 3.

Are there any official leaks?

It's plausible that these chapters could be part of a sequel, aiming to overhaul the game for better accessibility, addressing past issues.

Official news may arrive after The Final Shape's release, offering insights into Destiny's future direction.

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