Destiny 2 Servers Status - Down for Maintenance

What was the reason behind Destiny 2 servers getting down for maintenance?

Destiny 2 a popular video game's server were down on thursday for maintenance.

As they did mention for how long servers will be down, So no other choice for players except being patient.

Destiny servers may be temporarily taken offline for planned or urgent maintenance, or to implement game updates.

Updates can be about resolving gamelay issues or introducing new in game features.

According to the information posted on bungie's website, here are the changes users mey notice:

The latest Destiny 2 update will be available across all platforms and regions.

-players will be able to log back into Destiny 2. -clan features may remain offline until maintenance is complete.

Players while logging in may be placed in a queue and experience sign on issues, Also console players facing problem in updating should restart their console.