Deep Rock Galactic's Latest Feature is a Game Changer

Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 introduces a new pass and lets players access old content, offering a flexible approach to time-limited content in games.

Deep Rock Galactic joins Xbox Game Pass Core, featuring seasons with free 100-tier Performance Pass. Cosmetics persist, available in shop and loot packs.

What new features are in Deep Rock Galactic's season?

Deep Rock Galactic Season 5 allows access to past seasons' content with original Performance Passes and Cosmetic Trees, enabling progress and rewards from prior seasons.

Game developers use flexible timed content to engage hardcore and casual players. Halo Infinite follows this approach, but some premium rewards require in-game purchases.

Is Deep Rock Galactic Unique in its New Approach to Battle Passes?

Halo Infinite's permanent battle passes let players choose their progress path. A new shop and free currency will soon allow catching up on missed content.

How do Halo Infinite’s battle passes offer flexibility?

Deep Rock Galactic's Season 5 combines new and old content. Learn about upcoming features in Ghost Ship Games' developer broadcast on April 25, before the June 2024 launch.

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