Dark Souls Archthrones Demo Now Available To Download For Free

Fans of the prequel mod Dark Souls Archthrones can now try out a demo that has just been released.

According to the modding team 

Dark Souls Archthrones is a total conversion mod for Dark Souls 3 with a new storyline and lore inspired by the Dark Souls universe.

Non-linear progression: 

In Dark Souls Archthrones, you choose the order of exploration, from easiest to hardest, or vice versa.

New weapons: 

In Dark Souls Archthrones, players discover new weapons dropped by specific enemies, NPCs, and crafted from certain boss souls.

New armor: 

Dark Souls Archthrones introduces entirely new armor sets tailored for its world, rather than recycling old ones.

New bosses: 

Dark Souls Archthrones offers 17 new boss battles, with more on the way. Use new combat features to succeed in these challenges.