Contra: Operation Galuga Demo Now Live - Release Date Revealed

Contra: Operation Galuga has been inactive for a while, but it finally has a release date, and it's just a few weeks away.

About pre order 

Pre-orders are currently available on the eShop, offering a 10% discount until March 26th. Additionally, players can download a free demo from the eShop.

The reimagined version of the classic NES action game Contra, Operation Galuga, arrives on Nintendo Switch on March 12th, 2024, priced at USD $39.99 / GBP £34.99.

Price of Contra: Operation Galuga

During today's Partner Showcase, new gameplay footage was unveiled as part of the concluding sizzle reel.

Who is developing the reimagined version of the classic '80s title

WayForward, known for the Shantae series, is developing the game and has promised a reimagining of the classic '80s title with updated visuals.

What new being added in the game?

Brand new stages, new enemies and bosses, and a range of new skills and weapons.