Check Top Picks for Tekken 8 Guest Characters

Check Top Picks for Tekken 8 Guest Characters 

Tekken 8's DLC Season introduces Eddy Gordo as the first character, with the other three confirmed for release without any crossover additions.

Fans have been enjoying their time with Tekken 8 since its release a little while ago.

1. Tifa Lockhart – Final Fantasy 7

Tifa Lockhart. Serving as the party's martial artist, utilizes punches, kicks, magic, and high-flying physical Limit Breaks, which would seamlessly translate into Tekken's gameplay.

2. Kazuma Kiryu

Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, with his diverse fighting styles and dynamic Heat Moves, is a strong contender for a fan-requested Tekken guest fighter.

3. Akira Yuki – Virtua Fighter

If Like A Dragon isn't chosen, Virtua Fighter's main character, Akira Yuki, could be an alternative representative for Sega in Tekken.

4. Solid Snake – Metal Gear

Solid Snake from Metal Gear occasionally receives requests for inclusion in Tekken, fueled by an EVO tournament video mistakenly portraying his appearance in Tekken 7.

5. Shenlong the Tiger – Bloody Roar

Tekken 8 could kickstart a Bloody Roar revival, with Shenlong as a dream addition for fans of the classic series.