Check Final fantasy vii remake update: Releases Surprise Patch

The surprise Final Fantasy 7 Remake update fixed bugs but ended up breaking a popular mod, upsetting some players.

Final fantasy vii remake update

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was originally released for PS4 in 2020, with a PC version coming out in 2022.

When did Final Fantasy 7 Remake launch on PC after its initial PS4 release?

Patch 1.003 of Final Fantasy VII Remake altered Tifa's attire in a flashback and disabled the FFVIIHook Mod, sparking controversy.

What Does Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Patch 1.003 Change?

– Some gamers have noticed it changes Tifa's clothes in one flashback scene.

– The patch fixes several bugs.

– The patch stops the popular FFVIIHook Mod from working.

best mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake

FFVIIHook enabled players to access console commands, allowing them to modify the configuration of FF7R to their preferences.