Check Azelf's Strengths, Performance in Pokémon GO PvP and PvE Encounters

Certainly! Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, the Guardian trio of the lakes, made their debut in the Diamond and Pearl games. They are renowned for their telepathic abilities.

Pokemon GO: Azelf stats, weaknesses, resistance, and move

Type: Psychic – Max Combat Power (CP): 3629 – Attack: 270 – Defense: 151 – Stamina: 181

Fast Moves: Confusion (Psychic) and Extrasensory (Psychic) – Charged Moves: Fire Blast (Fire), Swift (Normal), and Future Sight

Due to Azelf’s typing, it is weak to these moves:

– Bug – Dark – Ghost

Moves Azelf can resist are,

– Fighting – Psychic

Is Azelf good in Pokemon GO Battle League?

Azelf’s best moveset for the PvP format is Confusion, Future Sight, and Fire Blast.

Pokemon that can counter Azelf in the Master League:

Dialga with Dragon Breath, Iron Head, and Draco Meteor – Yveltal with Snarl, Dark Pulse, and Focus Blast