Champion's Blueprint: How to Craft the Best Character for Finals Success

What is "the finals" all about?

The Finals is an online first-person shooter that challenges your idea of a team-based objective game.

It’s one of the more open-ended games that ask you to build and modify your playstyle methods that are unique to you.

And even though you are an experienced one, you might find it challanging when it comes to choosing a particular play style.

Here are some of the builds for each of the three main classes.

1. Light class – fast, annoying, and deadly.

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2. Medium class – reliable, versatile, and balanced

If you’re completely new in online shooters, a Medium build is likely your best choice.

3. Heavy class – tanky, slow, and holds its own.

The slowest of all three classes, Heavy characters can take a lot of damage in The Finals.