Can you play Skull & Bones in PvP?

It’s the pirate’s life for me! Or at least it is if you’re playing Skull & Bones, but how far can you take it?

If you want a truly cutthroat experience, you’re likely wondering whether Skull & Bones has PvP

The moment you’ve got guns you can sail up to other human players and start blasting away at them.

Can You Attack Other Players in Skull & Bones?

How to find human ships?

If you’re not sure which ships are controlled by humans, they’re the ones with user ID/gamertags next to them.

But, after maybe a minute or two, you’ll notice that neither of you is taking damage.

The reason for that is that Skull & Bones does not have PvP in the open world.

Ubisoft’s decision to block players from attacking other players has proven contentious. On the one hand, it makes it easier for players to get started.