Braid: Anniversary Edition Release Date Pushed Back

Braid: Anniversary Edition delayed to May 14 from April 30. Remastered version for PS, Xbox, PC, and Switch.

Braid, a hit indie game from 2008, debuted on Xbox Live Arcade. Known for its gameplay and art, it's getting a major update in Braid: Anniversary Edition.

What changes are coming in Braid's Anniversary Edition?

Braid: Anniversary Edition, highly anticipated due to original's success, delayed to May 14, 2024, missing April 30 target date. Developers confirmed the postponement.

Why has Braid: Anniversary Edition been delayed?

Jonathan Blow revealed that Braid: Anniversary Edition will boast 40 new or redesigned levels, among other exciting features, enhancing the beloved classic.

– May 14, 2024 Braid: Anniversary Edition stays true to the original but adds new areas and items. It also features over 15 hours of commentary from developers like Jonathan Blow.

Braid: Anniversary Release Date

Braid: Anniversary Edition boasts hand-repainted graphics, smoother animations, new levels, enhanced audio, and the ability to switch between versions seamlessly.

What enhancements does Braid: Anniversary Edition offer?

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