Bloodborne's Bleak Dominion Complete Edition Coming in June

Bloodborne fans are eager for a sequel or a new-gen update. It's disappointing that neither has been announced yet.

FromSoftware seems focused on Elden Ring, which fans are excited about. While we want more Bloodborne, Elden Ring is also promising.

Excited about Elden Ring despite no Bloodborne news?

Elden Ring has won Game of the Year awards. Shadow of the Erdtree's trailer hints at something even better.

Excited for the return of Bloodborne comics?

Bloodborne comic Vol. 6, The Bleak Dominion, releases June 11. Written by Cullen Bunn, illustrated by Piotr Kowalski.

In the comic, hunters Gretchen and Abraham navigate Yharnam's streets under the blood moon, facing beasts and new threats at every turn.

For Bloodborne fans, diving into the comic series is a must. It adds depth to the lore we all love alongside thrilling boss fights.

Interested in exploring Bloodborne's lore through comics?

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