Bloodborne spinoff makes its PC debut and it's free to Download

Get ready, Bloodborne fans! A spin-off is coming your way, and you won't want to miss it. Don't get left in the dust—be among the first to experience the thrill!

Excited for Nightmare Kart's legal makeover?

Nightmare Kart, once Bloodborne Kart, has been revamped to avoid legal issues. Get set for Yharnam's twisted races!

Creator packs it in: 20+ racers, 16 maps. No cash or Blood Echos required! Enjoy the full experience without spending a cent. 

Ashen Blood is a solo player mod inspired by Bloodborne. It changes gameplay, weapons, enemies, maps, effects, bosses, and more! Keep playing and don't give up.

Dark Souls 3: Ashen Blood is the Bloodborne sequel we've been craving

Not sure if Bloodborne needs a sequel? 

Try Dark Souls 3: Ashen Blood. It's like the Bloodborne sequel fans have been asking for.

Nightmare Kart features Bloodborne bosses and monsters, plus DLC ones. Add in Dark Souls 3: Ashen Blood's Bloodborne-inspired expansion for the ultimate experience.

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