Bloodborne Bleak Dominion Is Finally Coming, Check Official Confirmation

From Software fans rejoice! A Bloodborne graphic novel is coming soon, along with a Dark Souls adaptation.

For Bloodborne fans, recent years have been a real nightmare.

Bloodborne bleak dominion 

Exciting news for Bloodborne fans: A new graphic novel offers a return to the Hunter's Dream for an original adventure.

Excited for more Soulsborne lore? Bloodborne bleak dominion :

Prepare for "Dark Souls: The Willow King," an original graphic novel releasing alongside a new Bloodborne adventure.

Mark your calendars: "Bloodborne: The Bleak Dominion" arrives on June 4, followed shortly by "Dark Souls: The Willow King" on August 13.

Release date?

Preorder and where to purchase?

Both graphic novels are up for preorder now and will be available for purchase on Amazon and other retailers.

Reports suggest that a live-action film based on the games is in the works, with talks of casting its leading stars and finding a director.