Beyond First Impressions: The Unmatched Allure of Tears of the Kingdom in Round Two

I believe I’m scared of committing to the final act and if something bad happens to my favourite character i won't be able to face it.

If anyone dies or unjustly has their feelings hurt I will furore. Because of this irrational anxiety.

So sometimes i get stuck in some events in the game and refuse to move on.

It feels silly to say this, but the first experience didn’t belong to me.

With several days off and family members to ignore, it felt like the perfect time to get stuck in and it looks like I have made some serious progress.

As being an practical man, I’ve seen more of this gem than ever before.

So everything about the game became this beautiful mystery that only I possessed the clues for.So for me  It was quite an experience to make.

large swathes of which I had no choice but to skip over in pursuit of an immovable review embargo .

It felt like I saw so much, conquering most shrines and meeting a laundry list of memorable characters .