Best Weapons to Enhance Druid Build in Last Epoch

The Druid Mastery in Last Epoch lets Primalists transform into different shapes and use special powers for better results.

Best weapons for Druid's Swarmblade form? 

For the Swarmblade form in Last Epoch's Druid Mastery, pick weapons that boost physical damage.

For a Druid focusing on the Werebear form in Last Epoch, prioritize weapons with Melee Physical Damage, Improved Physical Damage, Melee Damage, and Strength.

Werebear Weapons and Important Stat

Werebear Druids boost damage with Lightning through nodes like "Bringer of Storms" and "Relentless Thunder" in their skill trees.

Spriggan Weapons and Important Stat

The Spriggan form, being magically inclined, benefits from Spell Damage weapons, with staves usually offering the highest base Spell Damage in Last Epoch.

Boost Spirit Thorns with Ancestral Call, Spiritwhisperer, and Valetide for high damage and rage recovery.

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