Best Weapons for Necromancers in Last Epoch

Players who choose Necromancer Mastery in Last Epoch gain potent minions, Skeletal Warriors, Mages, Bone Golems, and ghostly allies to overwhelm enemies with undead forces.

Choose weapons wisely for a potent Necromancer Build. Prioritize stats like minion damage, cast speed, and bonuses to necrotic abilities.

When selecting a weapon for a Necromancer, two types stand out: Wands and Scepters.

Best Necromancer Weapon Type

Scepters provide a blend of melee and spell damage, beneficial for skills like Harvest in a Necromancer's arsenal.

Wands reduce spell mana costs and boost spell damage, ideal for spells like Rip Blood and Wandering Spirits.

In the world of Necromancers, the "Skeletal Sceptre" reigns supreme. Its inherent minion damage boost makes it essential in almost every build.

Players can farm the Unique Wand "Reach of the Grave," enhancing minion spell damage, bow damage, attack speed, cast speed, and providing health leech—a boon for survival.

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