Best Valheim Open World Rpg Mod You shouldn’t miss

If you're done with Valheim and want to tweak settings, here are top mods and how to install on PC. 

Valheim open world rpg mod

What are the best Valheim mods

Valheim lacks official mod support, but the community has created tools to customize the game.

1. Unrestricted Portal

The Unrestricted Portals mod enables you to transport metal ores through portals, saving hours of travel time in the game.

2. ValheimPlus

The highly popular ValheimPlus mod offers extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor the game to your preferences.

3. Hearth and Home Old Food Stats

The Hearth and Home update revamped Valheim's food system, adjusting the values of almost every meal in the game.

4. Epic Loot

If you're aiming for RPG-style loot akin to Diablo in Valheim, the Epic Loot mod injects magical items into the loot pool for added excitement.