Best Tips, Tricks For Mesprit Raid in Pokemon go

To join a Pokémon Raid, trainers need a Raid Pass, which is distributed once daily for free.

7. Raid Passe

6. Making or Accepting Invitations

To join a Raid Lobby, use the Invite Friends feature on the right side of the screen. You can invite up to 5 friends to join the Raid.

In Mega Raids and Tier 5 Raids, Pokémon will typically have a CP ranging from 30,000 to 50,000.

5. Stock Up on Items

4. Should Pokemon be Dodging?

How to Unlock: Reach Level 10 Dodging fast moves isn't typically recommended in lower-Tier Raids like Tier 1 and Tier 3.

3. All About Timing

How to Unlock: Reach Level 4 and Spend 4,000 Credit, Eagle Cluster Bomb one of the most consistent Stratagems to bring to various worlds.

2. Know Type Matchups

Though it's somewhat of a meme, Galar's Hop hints at some valuable advice: Master Type Matchups.

1. Follow Specific Guides for Specific Pokemon

Pokémon GO has 15 Mega Raids available. For specific Mega Energy, focus on raids featuring the corresponding Mega Pokémon.