Best Scuf Gaming Reflex Pro PS5 Controller you can't miss to play with.

Scuf Gaming made a name for itself by introducing paddles on the rear of controllers for swift responses.

1. SCUF Reflex FPS 

SCUF Reflex FPS stands out for its unmatched functionality and design, boasting four customizable rear paddles for any game.

2. SCUF Instinct Pro 

The SCUF Instinct Pro is a premium controller designed for royalty, reflecting its price tag.

3. SCUF Envision Pro 

The SCUF Envision Pro takes gaming to a professional level through its fast mechanical switches and ultra-low latency.

4. SCUF Impact FPS 

The SCUF Impact FPS is a remarkable lightweight controller, weighing just 243 grams after removing rumble motors.

5. SCUF Infinity4PS Pro 

The SCUF Infinity4PS Pro delivers extensive customization, enabling users to switch thumbsticks and remap paddles.