Best Infiltrator Build in Fallout 4

In RPGs like Fallout 4, stealth builds are popular. Sneaking helps you avoid enemies, and if a fight starts, you still have good combat skills.

An Infiltrator build in Fallout 4 uses pistols in VATS to deal high critical damage. It's ideal for stealth and secret agent-style gameplay.

What's the best VATS-focused stealth build in Fallout 4?

Strength: 2 – Perception: 4 – Endurance: 1 – Charisma: 1 – Intelligence: 5 – Agility: 8 – Luck: 7

Fallout 4 Infiltrator Build - SPECIAL Stat

Perk -  Gunslinger  Effect  - Increase the damage dealt by non-automatic pistols.

Best Infiltrator Perk

Effect - Improved stealth reduces detection risk. Higher levels avoid traps and mines, allowing silent running.

Perk - Sneak

The Deliverer is a top-tier weapon in Fallout 4, obtainable after the Railroad quest "Tradecraft." It has a built-in suppressor, better VATS accuracy, and uses 25% less AP.

Fallout 4 Infiltrator - Recommended Gear

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