Best Incinerate Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, Sorcerers wield elemental magic to fight demons in Sanctuary. Pyromancy, a type of magic, allows them to control fire for powerful attacks against their enemies.

Diablo 4  third season 

In Diablo 4's third season, Incinerate got a big damage boost. This build maximizes its potential by combining it with synergistic abilities.

Destructive Incinerate- 7 Fireball-  1 Mystical Flame Shield-  3 Shimmering Teleport-  3

Active Skill

Devastation- 3 Elemental Dominance- 3 Glass Cannon-  3 Align the Element-  3

Passive Skill

Gear and Aspect

Gear Piece-   Helmet Aspect/Effect-  Protector - Gain Barrier when damaging an elite or boss.  Preferred Stat- – Intelligence – Cooldown Reduction – Armor

Chest Armor Disobedience - Gain Armor when you damage an enemy. – Total Armor – Damage Reduction

This setup outlines the best gear and Legendary Aspects for the build, but players can adapt based on what they have available.

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