Best Guide to Dragon Ball's Every Shadow Dragon

Dragon Ball GT was a continuation of the series that got some things right, but ultimately, missed the mark as a worthy successor to the franchise.

Naturon Shenron

Naturon Shenron is the weakest Shadow Dragon, relying on cowardly tactics in fights.

Oceanus Shenron

Oceanus Shenron, born from the 6-Star Dragon Ball, embodies water and wind elements. She possesses two powerful forms, making her a formidable opponent.

Rage Shenron

Rage Shenron, the Five-Star Dragon, resorts to dirty tricks and unfair advantages in battles, similar to Naturon Shenron.

Nuova Shenron

Nuova Shenron stood out among the Shadow Dragons for his strong sense of justice and fair fighting style, unlike his deceitful counterparts.

Eis Shenron

Eis Shenron, the Three-Star Dragon and Nuova's twin, was ruthless and relied on dirty tricks when cornered, unlike his fair-minded brother.