Best Anti-Hero Characters in Final Fantasy

Niflheim Empire hires Aranea Highwind, a dragoon mercenary, to track Prince Noctis. She's tough, challenging him and his friends.

6. Aranea Highwind

5. Kain Highwind

Kain, a dragon knight from Baron, follows orders blindly until they clash with his morals, causing internal conflict.

Kuja initially seems like a villain, orchestrating wars and wielding ancient powers for rebellion against his fate.

4. Kuja

Balthier, a charismatic sky captain, adds ambiguity by robbing a palace treasury and crossing paths with Vaan, a street thief, in a heist.

3. Balthier

The Turks, Shinra's covert operatives, including Tseng, Reno, Rude, Elena, are slick fixers, relishing their mafia-like image as they handle the company's dirty work.

2. The Turk

Yuffie, a pesky ninja, annoys the party by challenging them to fights and stealing their materia, claiming it's for the "glory of Wutai," her homeland.

1. Yuffie Kisaragi

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