Best 15mm fantasy miniatures you can't miss.

15mm fantasy miniatures are small models used for fantasy-themed tabletop games and are about 15 millimeters tall.

15mm fantasy miniatures


Cold-blooded swamp dwellers, led by a king and a caste of shamans, are the adversaries of the valley's cavemen. They live in the water but have no problem campaigning on dry land also.

The Mighty Hobgoblin Army

The Emperor of the Hobgoblins commands the formidable Hobgoblin Army, towering over men in size and strength, making them the most fearsome force in the Old World.

Army of the Savage Forest Witch

The Savage Forest Witch is a formidable creature, expanding her domain in the woodland realms through power and conquest.

Sleeping process of Dreadnought

The Dwarven Kingdoms boast unrivaled heavy infantry forces, each kingdom governed by kings overseeing Jarls, who in turn lead the Free-Dwarves.

The Beastmen Forest Tribe

The Beastmen, goat-headed humanoids, lurk in the deepest woods, silently encircling their prey before striking.