Beginner's Guide to Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox - Level Up

As of today, Xbox players have the opportunity to participate in an open beta.

Server choice can make a big difference

Servers often develop distinctive identities, catering to various player preferences. Some prioritize high-tier raiding, while others foster expansive RP communities.

Every server boasts its own diverse player base, with individuals approaching the game in unique ways that may differ from your own style.

You can try out multiple Job

The three categories are Tanks, Healers, and DPS. While you may know what you like.

Prioritize the MSQ

The very best way to get accustomed to FF14’s mechanics and world is to focus on the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ).

But don’t forget these key side quest

When you see a blue quest marker with a plus sign on it, pick it up. These are Feature Quests.

Which means that a game feature is locked behind completing them. Though these features can sometimes be something you might not need.