Atelier Resleriana Launched West for PC & Mobile

Release date of Atelier Resleriana for PC and Mobile was ?

Atelier Resleriana launch for mobile devices via iOS and Android as well as for PC via Steam on January 25, 2024.

Pre-registration is also available on mobile ahead of release. The title has been available in Japan.

Atelier ReslerianaForgotten Alchemy & the Polar Night Liberator occurs in the kingdom of Lantarna, which once prospered thanks to alchemy.

However, the practice is now nonexistent, not even retained as a memory.

Players will be able to progress without consuming stamina, and the home screen will alter depending on how far you have reached.

How can we grow our character and nake them strong?

Characters are able to get stronger via quests and a growth board.

There are also art cards of previous Atelier games and what-if scenarios with rewards of their own.

Synthesis will have multiple characters unite their efforts across over 100 recipes obtained in various ways.

During combat, turns follow a simple timeline structure, though the Effect Panels provide ample choice for strategy.