Apex Legends Leak Reveals Details About New Character

New Apex Legends character, Alter, leaked online with details on abilities. Leak reveals info on upcoming character ahead of schedule.

What leaked about the new Apex Legends character?

Renowned Apex Legends insider Osvaldatore leaks image and overview of new character Alter on Twitter, adding to game's history of pre-release reveals alongside skins.

Alter's Leaked Abilities and Ultimate

– Passive Ability: Gift from the Rift (Remotely interact with a deathbox to claim an item)

– Tactical: Void Passage (Create a portal passageway through surfaces)

Ultimate Ability: Void Nexus - Establishes a regroup point for allies to interact with.

Exciting news for Apex Legends players: Alter, the new Legend, has been unveiled, providing a wealth of new information to explore.

How does Alter differ from existing Apex Legends characters?

Alter introduces fresh gameplay elements to Apex Legends while drawing parallels to Wraith, Loba, and Revenant.

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