All the Details on 'Switch 2,' Nintendo's Next-Gen Marvel

Is 'Switch 2,' Nintendo's Next-Gen consol finally official?

Nintendo has so far said nothing on the record about its next game console.

Seven years is a typical lifespan for a console generation and unluckily Nintendo Switch approaches its seventh birthday in March 2024 .

What did 8% of respondents to the Game Developers Conference’s 2024 State of the Game Industry said about 'switch 2 '.

Survey said that they were developing their current projects for the “Nintendo Switch successor.”

Will switch 2 be a hybrid handheld console, like switch?

The answer is yes, Recent reporting by VGC, citing multiple sources said that the console “would be able to be used in portable mode .

What is Switch 2 release date?

There is no official news for that yet, But VGC’s sources said the console was planned to debut in the second half of 2024 .