Account on the Line: Xbox's Strict Stance on Baldur's Gate 3 Revealed

Should Xbox players be carefull from uploading 'spicy' images ?and what consequences they can face?

It appears that Xbox players should be cautious of getting banned if imposed any spicy content from the in-game play of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Uploading spicy image will be considered as offense and will see the content removed , says Xbox.

Considering that a ban is imposed for each clip so dependent on how many clips are uploaded will be the time period for the ban.

Now what should be done to avoid  ban?

It is, advised that they would be willing to reverse any bans if it is considered that these images were uploaded in error.

Despite the issue of 2023 GOTY, it appears that Microsoft is unwilling to address its policies.

The developers have described the bans as ‘annoying and uncool’.

Response towards controversy relating bans microsoft states that each clip is reviewed by an individual moderator and then imposed bans.