A New Age of Empires Game is Coming: Epic News for Strategy Gamers

Age of Empires Mobile offers a new twist with diverse civilizations, heroes, terrains, and online multiplayer.

Who has been overseeing Age of Empires since 2019 as part of Xbox Game Studios?

World's Edge studio, a division of Xbox Game Studios, has been overseeing the Age of Empires franchise since 2019.

The first Age of Empires Mobile gameplay trailer reveals the features players can expect from this new entry in the series.

How to Download Age of Empires Mobile

Players can pre-register for Age of Empires Mobile on Google Play and the App Store.


World's Edge studio and TiMi Studio Group aim for a total of 3 million player sign-ups, with the promise of a special frame for players

World's Edge studio and TiMi Studio Group are expected to unveil more information about Age of Empires Mobile in the coming months.