A Guide to Playing Fortnite's Floor Is Lava Limited-Time Mod

In Fortnite, the Floor Is Lava mode is back temporarily. This mode is connected to the return of a character named Midas in the game's story.

Fortnite Floor Is Lava

In the Floor Is Lava mode of Fortnite, lava rises across the island, forcing players to stay off the ground to survive.

How to play the Fortnite Floor Is Lava LTM

To access the Fortnite Floor Is Lava mode, go to the main lobby screen and look for it in the top row. Scroll along if you don't see it right away.

If you can't find the Floor Is Lava mode, go to the Quests tab, select a Midas Presents: Floor Is Lava assignment, and follow the View Island prompt to access it.

In Fortnite's Floor Is Lava mode, play in Squads of four players only, and set the option to Fill unless you're in a lobby with friends.

In Floor Is Lava mode 

Building upwards won't be destroyed by lava, but other players can knock down your structure, sending you into the lava.