A Complete Guide to Chevreuse Constellations in Genshin Impact

As we know, Chevreuse is primarily a support character.

She aims to bring a new utility to the Overload reaction specifically, boosting the power of this reaction as well as Pyro and Electro damage.

Players who are particularly interested in optimizing some of their Pyro and Electro characters will find Chevreuse to be a fun addition to their roster.

Are Chevreuse Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, the more valuable constellations for Chevreuse are the latter ones.

This means that if players truly want to increase her utility and the damage output for the entire team, as well as lift some limitations for her team composition .

It is recommended that players aim for C6.

Now what is it is C6 ?

Chevreuse's final constellation is by far her best one. Not only does it give added benefit to her healing utility by allowing for a party-wide healing.

But it also provides a significant buff to both Pyro and Electro DMG bonuses, up to 60%.