A Beginner's Guide to Yoshimitsu in Tekken 8

Key Takeaways:

– Yoshimitsu has key pokes and normals that are vital for close-range combat. – His mid-range attacks, including those with his sword

– He has powerful lows, launchers, and command grabs that can be used to mix up opponents.

– Yoshimitsu has various stances and spin attacks, but be careful not to spin for too long.

Close-Range Attacks:

Yoshimitsu’s close-range attacks include a fast punish with 1,1 and a crouch-forcing move with down forward 1.

Mid-Range Attacks:

Yoshimitsu’s mid-range attacks, such as down 2 and down forward 4, have great range for whiff punishing.

Avoiding Attacks:

Yoshimitsu’s up forward 4 is a move that hops over low attacks and tracks side stepping.


Yoshimitsu has several launchers, including down forward 2, up forward 3, and side step 2.

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