8 New Wolf Variants Minecraft Revealed check all the details.

Pale Wolf  

The familiar Wolf variant now appears in the Taiga biome, with a standard pack size of four.

Woods Wolf -  

There's a new Wolf variation that spawns in the Forest biome. Given the prevalence of Forest biomes in the Overworld, this variant becomes the predominant type of Wolf you encounter.

Ashen Wolf -  There's a distinct Wolf variation that appears in the Snowy Taiga biome. 

Black Wolf - In the Old Growth Pine Taiga biome, you'll find a special Wolf variant.

Chestnut Wolf -  

They typically roam in smaller packs of two to four, well-suited to their habitat.

Rusty Wolf -  There's a fresh addition to the Wolf species: a variant found in the Sparse Jungle biome.  

Spotted Wolf - There's a novel Wolf variant now inhabiting the Savanna Plateau biome.

Striped Wolf - 

In the newly discovered Wooded Badlands biome, you'll find a distinct Wolf variant.