7 Top Story Missions In Grand Theft Auto 5

The "Prologue" introduces Michael and Trevor through a snowy heist gone wrong, showcasing GTA 5's mechanics and setting the stage for the main story.

1. Prologue

In "Mr. Philips," Trevor hears Michael's distinctive line on the news, confirming he's alive. This revelation ignites Trevor's rage, marking his dramatic re-entry into GTA 5's story.

2. Mr. Philip

In "Complications," Franklin steals a car for Simeon, only to find Michael hiding in the backseat. The mission ends with Franklin crashing the car into Simeon's dealership.

3. Complication

In "Friend Request," Michael seeks Lester's help but must infiltrate Lifeinvader's office to plant an explosive in a phone prototype, posing as a tech worker.

4. Friend Request

In "Marriage Counseling," Michael and Franklin chase a tennis coach after Michael's wife is caught cheating. They mistakenly demolish a cartel leader's mistress's house, sparking new trouble.

5. Marriage Counseling

In "Minor Turbulence," Trevor flies a small plane to intercept a Merryweather cargo jet, lands inside it, then escapes by driving a jeep out of the crashing plane.

6. Minor Turbulence

In "Friends Reunited," Trevor plants sticky bombs in the Lost MC's trailer park before heading to Los Santos, blowing up the base and starting a road trip.

7. Friends Reunited

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