7 Top Games To Create and Manage A Criminal Empire

Scarface: The World Is Yours is a third-person action game where Tony Montana survives, featuring heavy combat and crime empire-building elements.

7. Scarface: The World Is Yours – Taking Over Rival Gangs With Weighty Combat

This tycoon game involves manufacturing and selling illegal substances from a small basement. Players expand, manage staff, and avoid police to grow their operation.

6. Basement – A 2D, Pixel-Art Tycoon Game

This video game adaptation of The Godfather is a third-person action game akin to other urban shooters like GTA. It offers intense action with thematic gameplay elements.

5. The Godfather (2006) – Thematic Third-Person Action And Management

This tycoon game centers on narcotics, where players manage warehouses, labs, and workshops to produce illicit goods while avoiding rivals and law enforcement.

4. Cartel Tycoon – Manufacturing And Delivering Illicit Products

Gangsters: Organized Crime, from 1998, is a classic crime-management game set in a Prohibition-era 1920s city. Players are tasked with taking over the entire city.

3. Gangsters: Organized Crime – An Old-School Classic

The 2004 game Evil Genius has players as Bond-style villains building secret bases and pursuing world domination, offering a classic vibe despite its recent sequel.

2. Evil Genius – A World Domination Simulator

Kenshi is a sandbox RPG offering complete freedom. Players can build squads and pursue various paths, including creating and running a criminal enterprise.

1. Kenshi – A Sandbox RPG That Rewards Criminal Activity

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