7 Pro Tips For Red Dead Redemption 2

Honor affects player reputation and perks: High honor unlocks outfits and discounts, while low honor improves loot from random encounters and fallen enemies.

1. Be Honorable

After a shootout, Arthur should quickly loot bodies to secure cash and items before his gang does. Sort through the loot later for better efficiency.

2. Grab First, Study Later

Hunting with bows is ideal for pristine pelts, legendary animals, and high-quality meat. Guns can decrease meat value and attract unwanted attention.

3. Hunt With Bow

Clean guns are crucial for outlaws—dirty or wet weapons can misfire or malfunction. Clean with oil regularly, or use reinforced holsters for added protection against grime and weather.

4. Keep Guns Clean

To avoid detection during stealth crimes, pet the dogs. It keeps them from barking at Arthur and helps maintain a low profile. Plus, it's adorable!

5. Pet The Dog

Have three outfits on your horse: for cold, for warm, and for crime. It helps you manage stamina and stay ready for any situation.

6. Have Three Outfit

Arthur can reduce his bounty by wearing a disguise during crimes. A simple bandana or mask makes it harder for witnesses to identify him, keeping his bounty lower.

7. Wear A Disguise During Crime

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