7 Must-Play Side Quests in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Surfin’ The Streets

Surfin’ The Streets is an early Substory in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth that players should tackle as soon as they can explore the streets of Hawaii.


One of the best quests from Yakuza: Like a Dragon involved Professor Okita and his giant vacuum robot, Sojimaru.

Once the segway-inspired machine gets unlocked, players may feel like taxis and trolleys are old news.

Snap Those Sickos

Coming Out Of Her Shell

Nancy is a crayfish that was part of a Substory in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Ichiban saved it from getting eaten, and she still looks healthy in the sequel.

Home To Roost

On the beach, Ichiban discovers a baby bird named Joseph that loves sitting in his hair.

Let It Snow

The quest begins with an old man, Orlando, tossing a snow cone in the air to make it snow.

Samurai, May We Walk Together

The quest begins when Ichiban runs into a producer named Nathan who wants to film a real-life Japanese samurai