7 Must Download Free Steam Games for April


Prop Hunt is like hide-and-seek in Call of Duty, where players hide as objects in the environment while others try to find them.

A colossal monster rampages through the city, crushing buildings and causing chaos, leaving devastation in its wake.

GOT Simulator

In a Western-themed deck-building roguelike, you're a gunslinger making tough choices in the Wild West, inspired by the gritty vibe of Red Dead Redemption.


Unreal Physics

A sandbox playground where you experiment with physics systems, building and exploring without limits.

Jump into a vibrant multiplayer arcade game filled with colorful characters and fast-paced action. Race, battle, and compete with friends in a whirlwind of fun and excitement!

Metal Beans

Survive the zombie apocalypse in a first-person game. Scavenge, fortify, and fight off hordes of undead to stay alive.


Fast-paced sci-fi FPS with positive reviews and light platforming for on-the-go action.

Space Hat

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