7 Licenses You Should Consider Banning in Pokemon Unite

7) Umbreon

Umbreon is strong in offense and defense, using healing mechanics to endure battles while dealing damage.

Slowbro's defensive prowess goes beyond its tanky nature; its Telekinesis can isolate key enemy attackers.

6) Slowbro

5) Inteleon

Inteleon's skills enable it to camouflage, rendering itself untargetable and preparing for critical-hit snipes.

4) Mimikyu

Mimikyu's strength lies in its ability to reset cooldowns, enabling relentless assaults.

3) Urshifu

Urshifu's Single Strike Style delivers devastating blows, capable of turning the tide with its high burst damage.

2) Dragapult

Dragapult's Phantom Force invisibility isn't just for evasion; it enables strategic positioning and surprise assaults.

1) Blissey

Blissey isn't just a creature with a massive HP pool; it's a cornerstone for team resilience.