7 Essential Mods in The Sims 3 you can't miss

Ultimate Careers

Zerbu's Ultimate Careers mod makes the rabbit hole careers of The Sims 3 more similar to active careers from The Sims 4 or The Sims 3.

Like For Like Build And Buy Mode

The Sims 3 has a lot of objects, and while there are plenty of ways to search for items, it’s inevitable that something will get lost in the shuffle.

Fentonparkninja has re-tuned The Sims 3’s attraction system to make it more detailed and well-rounded.

Retuned Attraction System

NRAAS Overwatch

Any NRAAS mod is arguably a must-have for Sims 3 players, but Overwatch is a great place to start.

NRAAS Story Progression

NRAAS’ Story Progression replaces the vanilla Story Progression system and adds an array of new story progression settings.

Zoom-In CaS Camera

Between sliders for individual body parts and the Create-a-Style color wheel, The Sims 3 has some amazing customization options.

No (Or Fewer) Automatic Memorie

Memories in The Sims 3 are a charming addition to the Generations Expansion Pack